Any industry, any business. We’ve got your logo.

Use our Logo Maker to instantly create stunning logo designs. No matter you’re branding a construction business or a food blog, your inspiration starts here.

With the purpose of meticulous design and to meet the requirements of different users, we have designed the logos of different industries and keep it updated weekly. You can use it directly or as a reference.

View the logo template according to the industry. Each category has different style logos. Switch between categories by swiping left and right, swipe up and down to view the logos.

These logos are part of our design work.

What’s more, in our next update, we will add the functionality of the custom logo, just enter your logo name, choose the style and patterns you like, the app will show you some logos well designed right away. Sounds great? We will introduce this feature in detail in the next article. Stay tuned!


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