New Features & Big Updates

The Logo Maker Team is committed to providing a user-friendly logo design tool and is continually striving to provide high-quality service to every one of our users.

Recently, a lot of well-designed logo templates have been created and updated by the logo maker team, including new industry categories such as business, music, photography, and mono-color, etc. There will be updates every week.

In addition, according to the user’s suggestion, a lot of design elements have been added, and keyword search is also supported. It’s easier to find the elements you need quickly with the search feature.

We’ve also added a feature that supports adding phone photos as part of the logo. You can adjust the size, orientation, and transparency of your image. Thanks again to our users for their valuable suggestions to make the app better.

You can provide your feedback – good or bad – quickly and easily through the Logo Maker app. We take all the feedback we receive very seriously and do our best to assist our users.


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