Backgrounds & Fonts play an important role

There are many details that affect the final result during the logo creation process. Colors, patterns, backgrounds, text, and placement position all play an important role. Today we are going to focus on the impact of font and background changes on the visual effects of the logo.

Because everyone’s preferences are different, we can’t tell which background and font are better, but you can feel the obvious difference through the following example. I believe it will help you choose a more appropriate background and font for your logo.

Through the above three sets of pictures, we should feel different. Therefore, it is important to choose the elements that suit your logo according to the industry and style.

Although there are some common criteria, it is necessary to try more to know that it is appropriate or not. Here you are recommended to use the logo maker app’s background and font switching features, each with about 100 fonts and backgrounds for you to choose. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it after replacing. Click the Cancel button in the lower left corner to resume the previous step.


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