The philosophy and humanistic quality in a company logo

A logo is the foundation of a company which reflects a company’s philosophy and humanistic quality. It is one of the first things that customers will notice your company. So, we believe that a professional logo will improve your company branding and give you an edge over your competitors.

The following are some examples of successful company logos.


The logo of Nike is slanted diagonally as if the logo itself is on the run. The logo conveys an idea to customers that Nike is a company for fast people, always on-the-go. Nike is linked to spontaneity and impulsiveness.

People who see the Nike logo will be immediately attached because people’s philosophy is in line with Nike’s idea that they are going to be people who want things done now. So, although Nike’ s logo is simple, it is successful and effective.


While Nick sends customers the idea of a high-speed lifestyle, Coca-Cola tries to sell its customers the idea of positive and optimistic life.

The logo design of Coca-Cola is red which is full of passion and vitality and emitting a healthy, positive atmosphere. The brand logo is short and exquisite, with originality and unique personality, is the world’s unique, unprecedented brand name. So it can lead the way in the world. The Children’s Reading Foundation

3. The Children’s Reading Foundation

The Children’s Reading Foundation logo gets straight to the heart of minimalism. With two barebones shapes, customers will instantly get the image of an adult helping a child develop a love of reading. The simple color scheme blends warm and cool tones, and nothing else is needed to get the point across.


Crocs is a shoe company which favors innovation and simplicity in design. The company believes in honesty, ethics, and according to their values they “make a choice to have an open mind every day. We embrace and celebrate the uniqueness in everyone, inviting the world to come as you are.” White is a superb choice to demonstrate their strong sense of optimism, equality, and inclusion.

5. Mini and Tesla

Both the two automobile companies Mini and Tesla have a heavy focus on technology, safety, and simplicity. Both of them also consider themselves to be solutions to the world’s oil crisis and symbols of optimism.

To sum up, a professional and exquisite logo will finally have a great impact on your company and your business. A special logo also will make your company be distinguished with other competitive companies. In addition, the better your logo is, the more people are willing to learn about your business and take a closer look at your company next time.

At last, after reading the previous content, I think you have the idea to design the company logo. Just use our logo maker to design your professional and satisfactory logo right now!


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