The Shape of Logos

We know that background, font and color are important factors for a successful logo through the previous blogs. However, there are some other factors which affect the success of a logo such as the shape of a logo.

A logo’s shape can convey a lot of visual information to the customers at the first sight. A circle logo makes people feel soft and safe. A square logo looks precise and solemn. While a triangle logo gives a sense of strength and power.

The following are some examples of the significance of the shape of a logo.

1.Circle Logo

The round logo Pepsi brings people a feeling of positive, energetic outlook and the pursuit of fashion and faith and desire for unlimited. As we can see, the circle logo will easily draw people’s attention to be soft and full of energy.

2.Square Logo

The logo of Microsoft is made of two parts: a big square and a brand. While the big square consists of four parts: red represents office, green represents Xbox, blue represents Microsoft and yellow represents Bing. Through the logo of Microsoft, we feel a sense of preciseness and profession. That is also what the square logo conveys information to us.

3.Triangle Logo

GUESS brand logo is an inverted triangle logo with full symbolic. Especially in the picture “?”, which relates to GUESS English letters, also represents GUESS’s brand spirit of young, sexy and adventurous. It also emphasizes the integration of casual fashion features and top design. From this triangle logo, we know the shape of triangle will make people feel powerful in detail.

After reading the examples above, we can make a conclusion that different shape of logo will convey different feelings to people. So, before we decide to make a logo, we should know what kind of people is our target audiences and then choose a right shape for that a logo’s shape is quite crucial in a logo making process.


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