A Concrete Analysis of Logos

After talking about a logo’s shape, color, background and font, I want to take some examples to illustrate these factors. The following two examples are from our app logo maker.

This logo may be designed for a travel agency or a school holiday trip which makes people look forward to traveling. It is made by four parts: a white and red ship, two texts, an inside circle with light blue and an outside circle with dark blue. Firstly, the ship’s color white and red conveys people a sense of young and power. It was as if the people on board were about to set sail and go on a trip. Secondly, the two texts tell people explicitly that this logo is a kind of travel logo. It means people will have an island travel. Thirdly, the inside circle consists of two colors. The blue above means the sky, while the blue below means the sea. Lastly, the shape of the logo is round which sent people a feeling of peace and quiet.

This logo is likely to belong to education or children and tries to engage children in reading. It consists of two parts: a picture logo and a brand text. The picture logo is made by a book and a child. The picture looks like a child draw on a book happily and sent people a message that children are willing to read books. The color red, green and yellow also are related to children. While the brand directly shows what the company does. This logo combines childishness and rigor which will easily attract people’s attention.

To draw a conclusion, the combination of those factors plays a very important role in logo making process. Only we choose all things right, can we get a coordinated and successful logo. Just take an action to design your own logo by our logo maker!


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